For Anita

by revbillcook

Saint Anselm wrote that God is that thought

Beyond which there is no greater thought,

What we perceive: a shadow, even less,

Of God who is no-thing and speaks in silence.

We bow in awe before a mystery

That we can neither touch nor see.


But as for me, I am a simple man.

I love cool air, the smell of trees, and sun

The Light that breaks through clouds after rain,

The tart freshness of grapes, dark sweet plums

The bright taste of pineapple, of pears.

Is God not there?


And this gift which you have given me,

That beyond which there is no greater gift

a man or woman might conceive or receive:

A vow: your love, your life, your faithfulness.

Let Anselm know that God is found in this:

Your gentle kiss.