I no longer ask for whom, but why

– the heavy bell has tolled again

in Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan-

these ten people had to die


Gone is Tom Little, 61, optometrist from Delmar, N.Y., who came to give sight.

Gone is Dan Terry, 64, his friend, who died when a gunmen shot them all.

Gone is Thomas Grams, 51,  dentist, who came to ease pain.

Gone is Glen Lapp, 40, nurse, who came to heal with gentleness born of respect.

Gone is Cheryl Beckett, 32, who gardened and cared for mothers and children.

Gone is Brian Carderelli,  videographer, from Harrisonburg, Va.

Gone is Mahram Ali,  Afghan, driver for the expedition.

Gone is Daniela Beyer, 35, from Saxony, who came to serve.

Gone is Karen Woo, surgeon, who left her clinic to work in Afghanistan.

Gone is Ahmed Jawed, 24, cook, who loved to make people laugh.


Will some bright Phoenix rise from these ashes?

Is a terrible beauty born by this?

Will the blood of martyrs heal the land?


May you be remembered. May your sacrifice lead us toward peace.


In memory of the aid workers killed in Badakhshan Province during the first week of August, 2010, as reported in the NY Times. See http://www.nytimes.com/2010/08/10/world/asia/10afghan.html?scp=7&sq=Badakhshan+&st=nyt