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Category: Tanka

Moving Toward Peace

Rain soft persistent

yet the dark spot still remains.

After the conflict

rain in gusts rushes through tress

soaking in the blood stained earth.


Why are we so quick

To believe that violence

like a sharp scalpel

in the hands of a surgeon

can heal the body it cuts?


Consider Silence

consider silence

dark soil from which all things come,

to which all  things return,

root silence of tree, stone, star,

praying:  “Let there be…”

-Bill Cook

things not said

consider, perhaps,

the weight of things not said by

friends, maybe lovers,

the bearing of which breaks the bonds

that held them together

-Bill Cook

without word or light

thick root of grasses

push into the yielding earth

without word or light

or thought nourished in silence

while horses graze in the rain

-Bill Cook

consider silence

consider silence

a solitary white urn

filled with dry ashes

sitting beneath a window

bathed in white cascading light

– Bill Cook